Designed by Jerry Matthews, TimberStone® Golf Course’s architecture magnifies the grace of northern Michigan’s beauty. Fairways nestled between lush foliage, tee boxes with jaw-dropping views and precisely groomed greens, TimberStone® Golf Course at Pine Mountain Resort subtly reminds us how seamless golf and nature can be. Rated the 6th best golf course in Michigan and one of the top golf courses in America in 2019 by Golf Digest Magazine, TimberStone® Golf Course’s 240 acres, amassing 7,000 yards, were forged to fit any skill level of golf connoisseur.

Hole 1 – Steppe Up

Target left center of the fairway off the tee for the best approach to the green.  The green is guarded front right by a bunker.  Don’t be over anxious to pull out the big stick on this short Par 4, good shot placement is more valuable than length.

Hole 2 – Bent Hollow

For the best approach to the green, the bold player will carry the left fairway bunker off the tee leaving the ball in the left center of the fairway.  The right side of the green is well guarded by bunkers.  The left side of the green is home to the Bent Grass Bowl – a hollow of fringe height bent grass that will collect any ball flirting too much with the left side of the green.

Hole 3 – Arboretum

Your tee target should be center to left center of the fairway.  Reachable in 2, this Par 5 invites the swinger in us all to come out.  Both sides of the fairway filter to the center so hit away and have some fun off the tee.  The approach to the green is slightly elevated but generous.  Be very conscious of the pin placement, the back 1/3 of the green drops significantly and is no fun to putt up or down.

Hole 4 – Miner’s Trick

Beware of the “Pit from Hell” short and left of the green as a deep pot bunker awaits.  The tee shot is all carry and the green breaks more than it appears.

Hole 5 – Sentree

Don’t let the lack of length fool you on this Par 5.  Going for the green in 2 is high risk.  The approach is narrow with water on the left and a hovering Norway Pine (Sentree) on the right.  Many a birdie are made with a pitch and a putt.

Hole 6 – Peninsula Landing

Yes, this is the number 1 handicap hole on the course.  Visually intimidating, which if you let it, will beat you every time.  Play the yardage, not the obstacles.  Trust your setup, relax and swing.

Hole 7 – Double Vision

Target right center of the fairway off the tee as hole doglegs left, slightly.  As on hole #1, shot placement is more important than length for your tee shot.  The green is long and narrow, play the yardage, not the visual. 

Hole 8 – Cascade

This hole does not play as downhill as it seems.  Take 1/2 a club less than usual for the yardage.  Be aware of the pin placement, as right in the middle of the green is a large hump.  This hump turns an ordinary Par 3 into putting adventure.

Hole 9 – Black Diamond

A difficult Par 4.  Do not take the tee shot for granted.  It looks wide open but still make your target the center of the fairway.  The shot into the green does not play as long as the yardage indicates as it is downhill.  The green is long, narrow and guarded on each side; right by bunkers and left is a lateral hazard. 

Hole 10 – Plateau

Very straight forward Par 4. Somewhat narrow driving hole hitting into a green that is long and narrow. The green has a tier that runs across the middle so be sure to leave yourself a putt on the proper tier. 

Hole 11 – Slip Away

Tricky little Par 3 because the green runs away from front to back. Tee shot is all carry and unless the pin is way back, play the yardage for the front of the green.

Hole 12 – Amphitheater

Visually intimidating off the tee. Use the scorecard to decipher the carry yardage over the water, it’s not as far as it looks. Favor right center off the tee as it will make the shot into the green easier. The green is shallow in depth and runs away to the left. Club selection very important – remember you are hitting uphill. 

Hole 13 – Twist-n-Shout

Reachable Par 5, just avoid the fairway bunkers. There is a fairway bunker short of the green on the right side of the fairway. There is about 40 yards of fairway beyond that bunker – swing away and favor a slightly right approach to the green. The green is quite long and has more trouble left than right.

Hole 14 – Rock Island Express

Let er’ rip off the tee and you will leave yourself a very manageable shot into the green. The green is surrounded by hazard right and behind, so if you’re squeamish, bail out left.

Hole 15 – Peak-a-Boo

Again have some fun off the tee favoring left center of the fairway. In front of and concealing the green are 3 large mounds, so your shot into the green must come in high, no bump and run here. The green is VERY small, play center yardage for best results.

Hole 16 – Sling Shot

Big tee shot left center will give the best access for approach to this huge elevated green. Be sure to factor in pin placement AND elevation when choosing your club. If you are going to miss the green do so left, as right has deep unforgiving bunkers.

Hole 17 – Sagola

Our signature hole and true fan favorite. The elevation drop from the back tee to the green is 110 vertical feet. Use the information provided on the scorecard to assist in your club selection. It will also help to look at the tops of the trees to find the prevailing wind direction of the day. Once the ball gets above the tree line half way to the hole, the wind can play some nasty tricks.

Hole 18 – Double Black Diamond

Favor left center off the tee and bang it out there. The scorecard provides reach and carry information concerning the two rock tiers that are hidden from sight in the middle of the fairway. For your second shot, again favor left center, and choose a club that you are very comfortable with to carry both tiers. (remember, with a slightly downhill lie to aim more left of you intended target and move the ball back in your stance a bit). Although very wide, the green depth is shallow and it is usually slightly soft in the approach, therefore might not bounce on if you land short.

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